Professional C&S Engineering Consultants Malaysia

For over 3 decades, Jurutera Perunding Struktur Awam has been the leading civil & structural (C&S) engineering consultants in Malaysia for bungalows, factories, warehouses, and other industrial buildings.

C&S engineering consultants specialising in industrial building architecture

Founded in 1994 by BEM (Board of Engineers Malaysia) registered engineer Ir. Loh Fook Sheong, Jurutera Perunding Struktur Awam, is Malaysia’s leading civil and structural consulting engineering company and is the only one to specialise in industrial building architectural design.

Years of Experience

World-class C&S engineering services

We are one of Malaysia’s most trusted civil and structural C&S consultant engineers with over 28 years of experience. Our C&S engineering consultants specialise in design for industrial, commercial, and residential buildings.

Structural Engineering Consultants

We design secure and robust industrial, commercial, and residential buildings. Maximise structural integrity and eliminate excessive material costs.

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Civil Engineering Consultations

Maximise efficiency by leveraging our sophisticated knowledge in civil engineering. We cover a wide range from site developments to water systems and more.

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Industrial Building Architecture

Our expertise and specialisation in this industry for over 27 years guarantee maximum productivity through well-planned architectural designs and layouts.

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Construction Project Management

Prevent complications due to project managers with zero construction experience and knowledge. We can manage your next construction project from conception to completion.

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Building the future through excellence

Starting from humble beginnings, Jurutera Perunding Struktur Awam has grown into becoming the leading civil and structural engineering consultants in Malaysia.

With excellent engineering capabilities, we are capable of designing modern and aesthetic structures that are both functional and secure. In addition, we save you on excessive building material costs and maintenance costs that arise from inferior design.

Above all, with a niche specialisation in the industrial sector, we enhance all of our clients’ manufacturing productivity and efficiency through our experience and innovative designs.

Our latest completed civil and structural engineering projects

We serve all of our C&S engineering consulting clients the most secure, reliable and cost-effective engineering designs. Since our founding in 1994, we have completed countless projects. Here are a just few of our complete and ongoing projects in the commercial, industrial and public building sectors.

Design your upcoming project with leading C&S engineering consultants

Leave us a message, and our professional civil & structural C&S engineering consultants will get in touch with you to organise a free consultation with you to discuss your project.